Degl'Innocenti semiprecious stones, marble and onyx


Degli Innocenti Marmi was created in the 50s by Romano Degli Innocenti. Giorgio, the present owner, is his son.

Romano was a "pannista", the sculpturer who's specialized into making fabrics and clothes out of marble. Following the rush development of the creations of little objects out of onyx and different stones, teaches his son his know how, and Giorgio inherites it.

The artisan activity of the workshop is then defined, by the creation of items, which can be calssically antique, as well as very contemporary designed, developping systems of finest turning, as well as the hand making of objects like inlay, frieze and low relief.

The workshop has specialized itself within the years by using not only onyx and marble, but also semiprecious stones, like malachite, lapis lazuli, jasper and others, to create precious objects for decoration, as well as architectural elements like tops and panels.

Degli Innocenti Marmi guarantees its realisations as exclusively hand made in Italy.


Top in floral malachite