Degl'Innocenti semiprecious stones, marble and onyx


You find here below our creations.
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Variously dimensioned spheres made out of stone and coloured marbles

Ancient marble and onyx varieties table

French marble bowl decorated with pods

Collection of obelisks,inlaid with stone,malachite and red porphyry

Detail of rhodochrosite top

Stromatolite - snake’s skin stone sheet

Semiprecious stones coated bowls and boxes

Sphere and obelisk in lapis lazuli,with guilded bronze basement

Cup with spanish broccatello pads and bronze spheres

Marble and semiprecious stones precious objects

Coral breccia bowl

Flowering malachite coated top

Middle and small sized sculpture and busts

Red jasper and lapis lazuli coated boxes

Old Medici breccia turned cup

Stromtolite stone sheet

Medicean vase made out of yellow marble from Siena

Detail of decoration on a Carrara marble bowl

Detail of a striped malachite top

Marble banisters

Malachite box inlaid with semiprecious stones.

White marble low relief for gravestone

White marble low relief for gravestone

Half cups,little vase and lampholder for columbarium niche

Variously dimensioned obelisks made out of different marble varieties

Garden round table in coloured marble mosaic

Big krater vase made out of old Medici breccia

Coloured marble pommels and grips

Coloured marble objects for bathroom decor

Various marble stones boxes for bathroom decor